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Lise Billon

Lise Billon
Lise Billon

Lise Billon

Piolet d’or 2016, Lise has always moved in a commitment and high-level alpinism, currently she is a mountain guide in Chamonix.

Lise Billon

Year of birth: 1988

La Auvernia-Ródano-Alpes, France

Lise Billon was born and raised in La Droma, Auvernia-Ródano-Alpes, France. Her parents were keen climbers but, initially, Lise preferred playing handball. Later, however, she developed her own love for climbing, in particular Alpinism, and has travelled the world searching for the most beautiful big walls and majestic mountains.

In her free time Lise enjoys reading science fiction books, card playing tournaments, and trying to make the world a better place… by planning the next French revolution with her friends... In 2016 Lise won the coveted Piolet d’Or for her first ascent of ‘Hasta las webas’ (1000m ED) on Cerro Riso Patron, Patagonia. She is a certified mountain guide and works for the Compagnie des guides de Chamonix.

Lise Billon climbing
  • Apertura de “Hasta las webas” al Cerro Riso Patron, 1000m ED, Patagonia
  • Apertura al Cerro Murallon en el Pilier sud/est, 1000m ED+, Patagonia
  • Apertura de “L'Odyssee” y de “La Illiade” en el macizo de las Revelaciones, Alaska
  • Apertura de “Ballas y Chocolate” en el Cerro Adela Norte 900m ED, Patagonia
  • Cara norte de los Drus en hibernal, Alpes
  • Cara norte del Eiger en hivernal, Alpes
  • Cara norte del Cervino, Alpes
  • El Capitan: Salathe/Free rider/Nose/Est face/West face, Yosemite
  • Half Dome: Regular Route, Yosemite
  • Zion: Moonlight buttress, USA
  • Aguja Poincenot, Patagonia
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