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Precision and comfort

The TATANKA was developed in parallel with the INTI and is best described as a lace-up version of that model. Slightly softer than the shoes in the Balance Pro line, the TATANKA draws maximum benefit from the biomechanical characteristics of the feet in order to make climbing feel easier and more intuitive. With SXR Dynamics, advanced materials, an infinitely adjustable lace-up closure system and powerful heel-cup, the TATANKA is a comfortable yet extremely capable shoe delivering top-notch performance in any kind of high standard rock climbing and bouldering situation.


More rigid and structured shoes,more power can be transmitted to the rock.


The more sensitive a shoe is, the more information gets transferred to the climber about the shape and the characteristics of the foot holds , giving a sensation of closer contact with the rock.


Foot width response
This is the capacity of the shoe to adapt to the width of your foot. This capacity is not only determinate by the width of the sole, in some cases a shoe with a narrow sole displays a great capacity to adapt to a wider foot.
in-motion fit
SXR Dynamics
Technology that increases the dynamic response of the shoe improving its ability to adapt to different rock shapes and greater precision and comfort.
Technology that improves the balance between all the performance of the shoe achieving a greater range of response and greater performance in very different situations.
More advantages
  • Easy to use and get the best performance from.
  • Rapid and precise lace closure system perfectly distributes tension across the whole of the foot.
  • Perfectly balanced set of features.
  • Extremely precise on small edges, rounded holds and cracks.
  • Precise full-lace closure system adapts to a wide variation in foot widths.
  • The perfect combination of performance and comfort.
Recommended use
Vertical and moderately overhanging routes.
Technical Specifications
Closure System
TXT treated cotton
TST multi-layer Stretchtex
2D PLT 10
Vibram XS Grip 4 mm.
340 gr.
3-13 (UK) with half sizes.
Tatanka image

Perfect asymmetry

With its perfectly asymmetrical shape, the Tatanka, just like the other models in Tenaya’s Balance Pro line, is designed to enable the maximum transfer of force from the big toe to the rock on multiple types of hard-to-use footholds. The advanced lacing system distributes tension throughout the foot and the elasticated and perforated bellows tongue provides improved fit and increased breathability.

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