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Ainhize Belar

Ainhize Belar
Ainhize Belar

Ainhize Belar

The work and motivation to improve day after day have allowed Ainhize to overcome new and difficult challenges until reaching the ninth dimension at only 17 years of age.

Ainhize Belar

Year of birth: 2006

Atxondo, Spain

Born in 2006, Ainhize Belar is a young climber from the province of Bizkaia, Spain. She discovered climbing at the age of 8 as an extracurricular activity, and it was thanks to her father that she started to go rock climbing and to learn more about the sport. At the age of 14 she sent her first 8c, Gezurren Erresuma, at her local crag of Valdegovia, and at the age of 17 she had already reached the ninth grade with her first 9a, Begi Puntuan, at Etxauri.

For Ainhize, Valdegovia is a very special crag because that is where she took her first steps as a climber, and also redpointed some of the routes that have marked her most in her short career. Even so, Margalef is the sector she likes the most because of its unique style of climbing and finger pockets.

Ainhize Belar climbing
  • Begi Puntúan (9a), Etxauri, Spain - first female ascent
  • ⁠Honky Mix (8c+), Araotz, Spain
  • Honky Tonky (8c), Araotz, Spain
  • White Zombie (8c), Baltzola, Spain
  • Wallstreet (8c), Frankenjura, Germany
  • Skin Dead (8c), Valdegovia, Spain
  • Tsunami (8c), Araotz, Spain
  • Welcome to Tijuana (8c), Rodellar, Spain
  • ⁠La via del Quim (8b+), Margalef, Catalonia, Spain
  • Olatz (8b+), Valdegovia, Spain
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