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Tanguy Merard

Tanguy Merard
Tanguy Merard

Tanguy Merard

Tanguy is a young French athlete who at the age of 16 sent his first 9a. Currently based in Grenoble, he is training to project hard routes that push his limits.

Tanguy Merard

Year of birth: 2003

Grenoble, France

Tanguy was born in 2003. He started climbing at the age of 6 in the south of France. With rapid progress, he sent his first 8c in the local area of Seynes at the age of 14. Two years later he made the first ascent of Ca Chauffe (9a), the hardest route of the cliff. That ascent marked a step forward in Tanguy’s trajectory and spurred him to seek new projects and challenges.

Up until that point Tanguy was training on his own, but in 2020 he decided to move to Briançon for better training facilities and services. One year later he sent La Moustache Qui Fâche at Entraygues, France, his first 9a+, and joined the FFCAM team.

Together with the team, Tanguy traveled to Sardinia in October 2021 and onsighted the classic multipitch route Hôtel Supramonte (8b). In January 2023 he returned to the south of France and sent Les Yeux Plus Gros que les Roubignoles (9a+).

He currently resides in Grenoble, where he trains and prepares for his next projects.

  • Biographie (9a+), Céüse, France
  • Beyond (9a+), Pic Saint Loup, France
  • Punt’x (9a+), Gorges du Loup, France
  • La Moustache Qui Fâche (9a+), Entraygues, France
  • Les Yeux Plus Gros que les Roubignoles (9a+), Russan, France
  • Ca Chauffe (9a), Seynes, France – First ascent
  • Condé de Choc (9a), Entraygues, France
  • Redoublement d’Effort (9a), La Roche-de-Rame, France
  • Pornographie (8c+/9a), Céüse, France
  • La Prophétie des Grenouilles (8c+/9a), Fournel, France
  • Shortcut (8c+), La Balme, France
  • AGB (8c+), La Roche-de-Rame, France – First ascent
  • Hôtel Aupramonte (8b 350m), Gola di Gorroppu, Sardinia – Onsight
  • French junior bouldering champion 2022
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