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Steph Davis

Steph Davis
Steph Davis

Steph Davis

Based in Moab, Utah, Steph has free climbed some of the hardest big wall and alpine routes in the world. She combines her passion for climbing with BASE jumping and wingsuit flying.

Steph Davis

Year of birth: 1973

Moab, Utah

Steph Davis has been climbing for more than 25 years, with numerous achievements in big wall free climbing around the world, and ground-breaking free solo ascents in Yosemite Valley and the Utah desert. Her love for mountain adventure has also led her to BASE jumping and wingsuit flying, which she often combines with climbing.

Considered one of the world’s leading climbers, Steph’s milestones include being the first woman to summit all seven major peaks of the Fitzroy Range in Patagonia and being the second woman to free climb El Cap in a day in Yosemite National Park.

These days, she can mostly be found in the desert of southeastern Utah, where she lives in the small town of Moab with her husband Ian, their cattle dog Cajun, and two very spoiled rescue cats. They also sometimes live in a Sprinter van or their off-the-grid octagonal cabin on 20 acres of land near Indian Creek, Utah.

Steph is the author of “Learning to Fly: A Memoir of Hanging On and Letting Go” and “High Infatuation: A Climber’s Guide to Love and Gravity”.

Steph Davis climbing
  • First ascent of Davis-Potter Direct (VI WI3 5.11), Poincinot, Fitzroy Range, Patagonia
  • First ascent of Spotter Route (V 5.11), Cerro Standhardt, Patagonia
  • First free ascent of Big Yellow Moon (V 5.11), Peak 3850, Kyrgyzstan
  • First one-day ascent of Torre Egger, Argentina, Patagonia
  • Solo ascent of A Thousand Years of Russian Christianity (V 5.10), Aksu Valley, Kyrgyzstan
  • Summit all 7 major peaks in the Fitzroy Range, Argentina, Patagonia
  • First American woman to summit Fitzroy, Argentina, Patagonia
  • El Cap free in a day, via Free Rider (VI 5.13-), second woman to free El Cap in a day, Yosemite, California
  • Free ascent of Salathe Wall (VI 5.13), second woman to free the Salathe, Yosemite, California
  • First female free ascent of Cosmic Debris (5.13), Yosemite Valley, California
  • Free solo ascent of Casual Route (V 5.10-), Longs Peak Diamond, Colorado
  • Free solo ascent of Pervertical Sanctuary (V 5.11-), Longs Peak Diamond, Colorado
  • First free ascent of the Tombstone (5.13), Moab, Utah
  • Third free ascent (first female ascent) of the Crackhouse (5.13-), Moab, Utah
  • Third free ascent of Concepcion (5.13+), Moab, Utah
  • First female free ascent of Learning to Fly (5.13+), Indian Creek, Utah
  • Second free ascent of Fairy Tales (5.13), Indian Creek, Utah
  • First free solo ascent of Coyne Crack (5.12-), Indian Creek, Utah
  • Third free ascent of Hindu Tower (5.13) and BASE jump, Moab, Utah
  • Second free ascent of Sunset Tower (5.13), Moab, Utah
  • First free solo ascent (BASE climb) of North Face (5.11), Castleton Tower, Moab, Utah
  • Free solo BASE climb of Jah Man (5.10), Sister Superior, Moab, Utah
  • Free solo BASE climb of Ziji (5.12), Indian Creek, Utah
  • First wingsuit BASE jump from the Longs Peak Diamond, Colorado
  • First wingsuit BASE climb of Notch Peak, via Fin Du Monde (second ascent of the route), Utah
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