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Leo Ketil Bøe

Leo Ketil Bøe
Leo Ketil Bøe

Leo Ketil Bøe

Like many climbers, Leo loves to travel and climb in new places that inspire him. Flatanger in Norway is a special place for Leo, not only for having the best rock climbing he has ever climbed, but also for its unique style and physical roof climbs.

Leo Ketil Bøe

Year of birth: 1999

Bergen, Norway

Leo Ketil Bøe, born in 1999 in Bergen, began climbing at the age of 8 by coincidence and was immediately hooked. Due to the challenging weather in Norway, he often climbed indoors but seized every opportunity to climb outdoors on rock. He spent much of his childhood at the local crag of Gjøkeredet, which offered numerous climbs to progress and even featured a cliff for deep water soloing (DWS), a favorite of his.

In 2023, he traveled to Spain to climb his first 9a route, JoeDan, in Santa Linya. During that trip, he learned about projecting, and by the end of the year, he had completed seven routes at that grade. His passion for rock climbing led him to quit his job and fully embrace climbing as a lifestyle.

Leo’s goal is one shared by many climbers: to climb as much as possible and continually push his limits. He also dreams of developing his own challenging routes in the future, particularly in Norway, where there is vast potential. He has already bolted some amazing lines along the coast.

Leo Ketil Bøe climbing
  • Thors Hammer (9a/+), Flatanger, Norway
  • Novena Enmienda (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • JoeDan (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Fuck the System (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Selectio Natural (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Fabela pa la Enmienda (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Esclatamasters (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Era Vella (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Estado Critico (9a), Santa Linya, Spain
  • Blood Redemption (First 8B+ boulder in Norway), Matre, Norway
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