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Vadim Timonov
Vadim Timonov

Vadim Timonov

Vadim Timonov was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1992. He began climbing at the age of 10 when he was in elementary school. After a hiatus, he returned to the sport in 2012, and rediscovered his passion for rock climbing, bouldering, and traveling. From this moment, climbing became his axis and an all-consuming lifestyle. In 2016 he sent Monkey Wedding in Rocklands, South Africa, his first 8C/V15. The following year, he made the first ascent of Triangular Face (8C/V15) at Triangular Lake, Russia. His pace for hard ascents has only picked up since: The Understanding (8C/V15) in Magic Woods, Dreamtime (8C/V15) and The Story of Two Worlds (8C/V15) in Cresciano, The Kingdom (8C/V15) in Brione, From Dirt Grows the Flowers (8C/V15) in Chironico, among others. In addition to outdoor climbing, Vadim dabbles in competition as well, and has been a member of the Russian national team since 2013. He took third place in the European Bouldering Championship in 2019.


  • From Dirt Grows The Flowers – 8C (V15)
  • The Story Of 2 Worlds – 8C (V15)
  • Dreamtime - 8C (V15)
  • The Kingdom – 8C (V15)
  • Noise vs beauty – 8C (V15)
  • Black Eagle Assis – 8C (V15)
  • The Understanding – 8C (V15)
  • Triangular face - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Monkey Wedding – 8C (V15)
  • The Understanding - 8С (V15)
  • Monkey wedding - 8C (V15)
  • Triangular face - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Black Eagle assis - 8C (V15)
  • Practice of the wild - 8C (V15)
  • Noise vs beauty - 8B+\C (V14/V15)
  • Hipster whale - 8B Flash (V13)
  • PFC - 8B Flash (V13)
  • Quintessential - 8B Flash
  • Speed of Sound - 8B+ (V14)
  • New Base Line - 8B+ (V14)
  • Believe in two - 8B+ (V14)
  • Ill trill - 8B+ (V14)
  • Book club - 8B+ (V14)
  • The Never Ending Story - 8B+ (V14)
  •  La Teoría del Todo - 8B+ (V14)

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