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Josune Bereziartu

Josune Bereziartu
Josune Bereziartu

Josune Bereziartu

The first woman to climb 9a, Josune is a global reference for all the new generations of climbers.

Josune Bereziartu

Year of birth: 1972

Lazcao, Spain

Josune Bereziartu (born in Lazkao, 1972) first discovered climbing after seeing a documentary about two women in the Gorges du Verdon. Those images captivated her: she embraced climbing and passionately pursued the sport. Her perseverance and obsession led her to push the limits of climbing and establish new standards for the next generations of climbers. In 2002 she sent Bain du Sang 9a in Saint Loup, Switzerland, becoming the first woman to climb 9a. In May 2005 she did the second ascent of Bimbaluna 9a / 9a +, also in Saint Loup. Josune is an outdoor lover and shares her passion between the sea and the mountains.

Josune Bereziartu climbing
  • Bain du sang – 9a First World Female 9a
  • Logical progression – 9a
  • La travesía de Arroita – 9a
  • Bimbaluna – 9a/+ First World Female 9a/+
  • Honky Mix – 8c+
  • Noia – 8c+
  • Na Nai – 8c+
  • Honky Tonky – 8c
  • Fetuccini - 8b+
  • La travesía de Balzola – 8C
  • E la nave va – 8C
  • Solaris – 8A+
  • Atomic Playboy – 8A+
  • Berezei – 8A
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