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Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb
Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb

Jimmy’s main passion is the development of new lines and he travels around the world in search of new projects.

Jimmy Webb

Year of birth: 1987

Maryville Tennessee, USA

Jimmy was born in Maryville Tennessee (USA) on the 7th of November, 1987. He found climbing at age 17 through a close friend and began competing locally in his high school. When he was 19 he moved to the nearby climbing mecca of Chattanooga and started repeating the hardest lines and establishing a few of his own. In 2013 he made a memorable trip to Rocklands, South Africa where he flashed multiple 8B boulders. From here on he became known as “the greatest flash climber” in the sport of bouldering. These days developing is the main passion behind Jimmy and his climbing. He travels the world as much as possible in search for the next best thing. Currently he is living in California exploring the endless amounts of potential hidden in the Sierra Mountains.

Jimmy Webb climbing

The finish line 8c, Rocklands, South Africa

  • Poison the Well - 8C+ (V16)
  • Off the Wagon Sit - 8C+ (V16)
  • Ephyra - 8C+ (V16)
  • Roadkill – 8C (V15)
  • Lucid Dreaming - 8C (V15)
  • Virgo - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Spray of Light - 8C (V15)
  • Parzival - 8C (V15)
  • The Finnish Line - 8C (V15)
  • Monkey wedding - 8C (V15)
  • Primitivo - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Der mit dem Fels tanzt - 8C (V15)
  • From Dirt Grows The Flowers - 8C
  • Bad Girls Club – 9a/5.14d
  • Dreamcatcher – 9a/5.14d
  • 14 - 8B (V13) Flashes
  • Sleepwalker - 8C+ (V16) First ascent
  • Living’ Large - 8C+ (V16) Second ascent
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon - 8C+ (V16)
  • The Outer Limits - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Southern Drawl - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • The Matriarch - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Delirium - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • Squoze - 8C (V15) First ascent
  • The Nest - 8C (V15) Second ascent
  • Kintsugi - 8C (V15 ) Second ascent
  • Dreamtime - 8C (V15)
  • The Big Island - 8C (V15)
  • La Pied à coulisse - 8C (V15) Second ascent
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